Quality assurance

Besides the price of the products sold in OBA network of markets, we are also sensitive to their quality. We get guarantees from consumers for the quality of all products. If there is any minor production problem, the manufacturers are strictly warned related to it.

The OBA network of markets always pays attention to the quality of products sold in the result of quality control system and presents daily demand products that do not fall behind other brands for quality and taste to buyers.

The quality control department of our company always monitors the production process. OBA network of markets has a laboratory meeting modern standards, here the quality of products is checked before they are put on sale. After the product has been produced, inquiries are carried out among consumers through blind tasting and the product is put on sale after being convinced that the quality and taste of the product is good.

We test the imported products in our laboratory and in the laboratories in abroad. The raw materials, chemicals and microbiological components used in production of the product are fully tested. Moreover, we require hygienic certificate and certificate of compliance from all manufacturers.