Sweets and candies

Flour and flour products, candies and chocolates, which is the decoration of our tables, are provided to our clients in OBA network of markets at high quality and at affordable prices. You can purchase different types of cookies, snacks, cakes, candies and chocolates from the branches of OBA markets.

You can buy different types of quality sweets under the name of Popkek, Soffi, Maredo, Tamdad, Babushkina, Fellini and other brand from OBA markets at reasonable prices. We provide to you chocolates and candies produced at “Ulduz” Chocolate Factory, which is one of the largest chocolate and confectionery manufacturers in our country, at high quality and at the lowest price. Sweets sold in our markets are mainly produced in ETI, Alvien, Avrora, Ulduz, Khoncha and other facilities.