Hard-discount conception of OBA market

Products sold in OBA markets are up to 20% cheaper than other products. The main reason for this is that the products sold to consumers are directed directly from manufacturer to consumer without branding. Thanks to the centralized warehouses and logistics centers, we provide the delivery of products to stores. Hereby, the products that are on sale are exempt from additional distributor costs.

We have minimized the additional costs that will increase the price of products: we have refused the majority of the cost of design of stores, shelf layout, number of workers, delivery, marketing and advertising.

OBA network of markets has a high supply capacity thanks to large number of branches and centralized warehouse system. Hereby, it gives large-volume orders to manufacturers and attains to production of products at a low price and in high quality.

OBA network of markets determines the daily demand products that consumers need and provides them with quality products in assortments up to 700.